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Garrett Street, Cawsand, Cornwall PL10 1PD

01752 656215

Costs & Booking

Our ONE DAY GETTING STARTED WITH SOURDOUGH CLASS is suitable for everyone, whether you have baked bread before or not. The class focuses on the essentials of sourdough baking and incorporates the techniques necessary for you to be successful with sourdough.  


During the course of the day you will prepare, bake and take home lots of different bread. Typically, you will bake four sourdough loaves, a country loaf, a seeded country loaf, a rye and a baguette.  You will also learn how to make and shape pizza.  All these loaves are raised with a sourdough starter, and the class will show you how to make and sustain a sourdough starter, along with teaching kneading and shaping styles.


You will take home all you need to bake sourdough:  a sourdough starter, a banneton, & dough cutter, notes &recipes and the confidence to have a go!  


The course includes lunch, cake and coffee.  It is suitable for all abilities.

When & Where

Our one day Introduction to Sourdough Bread course is £125.  


To book phone 01752 656215 or email [email protected] old bakery-cawsand.co.uk








April 2021

Thursday 22nd   Thursday 29th


May 2021

Thursday 20th & Thursday 27th


June 2021

Thursday 17th & Thursday 24th


Our courses run from 9.30am to 4pm at The Old Bakery, Garrett Street, Cawsand, Cornwall PL10 1PD.

Course Content

The course will include:

-Learning to make a sourdough starter

-Simple sourdough recipe

-Learning about fermentation

-Managing bread making process to suit your schedule

-Working with different flours

-Shaping dough

-Using bannetons

-Baking times

-Problem solving