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Maichel David
Apr 10, 2022
In General Discussions
People have two social needs, one-to-one and one-to-many. One-to-one social networking is two-way and communication, and is generally achieved through chat; one-to-many social networking is one-way, publicity, and is generally achieved through communities. Just like WeChat, the largest social product, it carries these two needs. When people need to communicate one-on-one, they open the chat window, and when they need to unilaterally promote, show off, and express themselves, they open the circle of friends. Of course, game users also have these two social needs. Among them, the one-to-many publicity needs are carried in the game community. Users publish content almost all to gain resonance. This is the value of vertical communities. Game communities Fax List are also a type of vertical communities. It circles some users who have “similar smells” and has a higher chance of making the content resonate. It can be understood that the game community is a circle of friends with a limited topic of "xx games", and your friend list is all players in the entire game. The traditional form of community is the official forum of the game, or a certain game bar in the post bar, etc., and the micro-community is a new solution in the mobile game scene. 2. Micro-community The game micro-community is a community product that can be used in the game without downloading. The usage scenario of the micro-community is similar to the WeChat applet. Users can consume content and communicate without jumping out of the game without interrupting the user's game progress. The path for users to use the micro-community is to open the embedded micro-community directly after opening the game. The path for users to use the micro-community in the game is short, but the background of using the micro-community is that the game has already been opened. Games are not like WeChat is a very frequently used APP. The psychological cost for users to open WeChat is very low, and when they use WeChat mini-programs, they do not necessarily have any strong needs.
Maichel David
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