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rajia rimi
Jun 21, 2022
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Being the leader in online advertising is a double-edged sword for Google. Industry Email List They have to choose the measures that interest us all, but they are also obliged to take care of these measures in the long term or are faced with many questions. Google Ads started in a world where little could be automated, but Google wanted to give its advertisers a lot Industry Email List of control. So they decided to create structures like ad groups and share metrics Like average position to let advertisers understand what was going on and give them control to act at the same time. Much of that legacy is hard to undo, Industry Email List even now that it may just make more sense to let machine Industry Email List learning handle a lot of the detail. Luckily, in this case, Google is only removing a metric after it feels they've introduced new metrics that better inform advertisers about What's most important to them: getting their ads Industry Email List shown in places where they'll generate more business. Google has introduced four new metrics: “Impression % (absolute top)”, “Impression % (top)”, “Highest search impression share” and “Search IS (top)”. These metrics tell advertisers two things: how often their ads are at the top of the page Industry Email List when they get an impression, and the share of all top impressions they get.
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rajia rimi

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