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Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday from 9am-sold out
Sorry we cannot take orders for pastries.  They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cinnamon & Orange Morning Bun £3 Friday only

Almond Cruffin  £3  Saturday only
Cinnamon Snails  £3  Sunday only
Cornish Pasty  £4.50
Sausage Rolls  £3.50
Croissant   £1.75
Sweet Danish Pastry  £3
Chocolate & Strawberry Slice  £3
Lemon Drizzle  £2.75
Chocolate Brownie  £3.25
Chocolate Blondie  £3.25
Bakewell Tart  £3.75
Banana Bread  £2.75
Flapjack  £2.75  gluten free 

** not every pastry will always available.  Some items will sell out and others may be substituted.  See the daily menu outside the cafe for up to date information**

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