Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 9.00am -12noon. 
Either eat-in or eat-outside.   One table bookable at 9.15am & a second table bookable at 9.45am & a third table at 10.15am.  Other tables walk-in only.

Full English On Toast £9.50

Two sausages, two rashers of smoked back bacon, two free-range poached eggs, roasted tomato with baked beans on sourdough toast.

Eggs Florentine £7

Two poached eggs on sourdough toast with wilted spinach & hollandaise sauce

+Serrano ham £2.50 +smoked salmon £3 +2 rashers of smoked back bacon £2​

French Toast (V) £6.50

Sourdough bread soaked in a mixture of eggs and cinnamon & pan-fried.  Maple syrup on the side.  

+2 rashers of smoked back bacon £2  +berries £2.50

Breakfast Sandwiches £6

Bacon, Sausage, Fish Finger, Veggie Sausage Sandwich served on sourdough focaccia
+egg +75p

Berries with Yoghurt & Seeds £6
Strawberries & blueberries served with Greek yoghurt, seeds & honey.

Chocolate Sourdough Toast (vegan) £3

Toasted chocolate sourdough toast served with butter or vegan spread

Fruit Sourdough Toast (vegan) £3

Fruit sourdough toast served with butter or vegan spread

Banana Bread £3.50

Served with Greek yoghurt & honey

** not all breakfast items always available.  Some items will sell out and others may be substituted.  See the daily menu outside the cafe for up to date information**