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Any Evening from 6pm-10pm (not July or August)
For groups 16+

For Groups 16 people +/max 36 people
£20 per head/ children under 12 £10


Apple & Orange Juice




Margherita (V)  

- tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil

Goat’s Cheese, Beetroot, Red Pepper & Rocket (V)   
- tomato sauce, goat’s cheese, picante red pepper,
black olives, fresh basil & mozzarella

Mushroom, Spinach & Garlic (V)   
- tomato sauce, chestnut mushrooms, spinach, garlic & mozzarella

Anchovy, Caper & Olive   
- tomato sauce, anchovies, capers, olives & mozzarella

Chorizo & Chilli  
- tomato sauce, spicy chorizo, fresh green chilli & mozzarella

Sausage & Red Onion  
- tomato sauce, sausage, roasted red onion & mozzarella


Mixed Salad


A selection of cakes
served with Coffee & Tea

We are not licensed so you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks.
The price of corkage is included in the package.

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