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Apr 03, 2022
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weakened this institution and whatsapp phone number list made it more inclined to unquestioningly support the Chinese perspective at the beginning of the crisis, even when it turned out to have been wrong or wrong. have been misleading. Ideally, an international commission made up of impartial specialists from different areas whatsapp phone number list should study the background to the crisis and the reactions of all those involved. It should not put China on the spot as it is not the only country responsible for the deadly effects of the crisis: many governments, if not most, reacted very poorly. But it should put the spotlight whatsapp phone number list on how. China handled the origin of whatsapp phone number list the crisis, with an explicit goal not to shame or punish anyone but to ensure, as far as possible, that the situation does not repeat itself. Of course, one can be skeptical that such a thing whatsapp phone number list will happen, given the other superpower's unwillingness to subject any of its actions, military or otherwise, to international scrutiny. This is very unfortunate, because international rules seem to apply only to weak actors and never to strong ones. However, perhaps China could find some benefit in such an investigation: it could use it to show that even large and powerful players whatsapp phone number list can play by international rules. which perhaps, by shaming whatsapp phone number list others, could help the United States, Russia or the European Union, in a similar future instance, accept foreign supervision of any of their activities. Source: International Politics and Society and Social Euorpe Translation: Maria Alejandra Cucchi Related those who care Josephine whatsapp phone number list Martinez The awareness of the limit Capitalism, sustainability and coronavirus Alvaro Calix The technological fracture is already here Dani Rodrick The capitalist bubble whatsapp phone number list seller.
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